Thursday, February 7, 2013

Knox senior center attendance jumps

The Knox County spin department just issued a release, noting that more seniors are taking advantage of the senior centers, and that attendance has increased by  37,000 visits in the last five years – an increase of almost 50 percent.

(The release, however, never says why.

I figure the fine folks over there in PR office were looking for things to do. Heh.

I suppose, though, that's better than their counterparts in some of the other local spin offices. Their motto? “Why bother.”

But I digress.)

According to the release, almost 113,000 seniors used the centers last year compared to 75,000 in 2008.

"Senior Director of Community Outreach Hemal Tailor and the staff and volunteers at our centers continue to provide great service to our senior citizens," county Mayor Tim Burchett said. "Operating top-notch centers is one way we are able to show our seniors just how thankful we are for all they do and have done for Knox County."

For more info, click right smack here.

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