Monday, February 25, 2013

Hammond 'to consider' court clerk run

Mike Hammond
The rumor of the day: Mike Hammond will run for the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk seat.

I asked the good county commissioner about this, and he said about a month ago, some folks approached him. He said that "I'd consider it."

Hammond said "it caught fire" today after the KNS reported that current clerk, Joy McCroskey, fired her brother after she was accused of violating the county's nepotism policy.

"Like I said: 'I'll consider it,'" but am I going to? I don't know, but I'm not making any kind of formal announcement," Hammond added.

The election isn't until 2014.

This is actually interesting. For more than a year, folks have been saying that Hammond, a former commission chairman, would take on Tim Burchett for the mayor's seat. That race also is in 2014.

I've called BS on this forever, but you know how these rumors go.

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