Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Commish to address South businesses

Commissioner Mike Brown
Earlier today I noted that Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was the only local leader so far to (at least appear) to take an initiative to help bring tax relief to some South Knoxville businesses.

Now, county Commissioner Mike Brown, whose district is in the south part of the county, has jumped on board.

During today's commission work session, Brown said he's talked to a number of merchants who borrowed just enough money to make it through the end of this June, which is when the Henley Street Bridge was supposed to reopen. He said they now need to take out another loan because of further delays, which wree just recently announced.

Brown said that state lawmakers have set precedent in the past by helping Nashville businesses during that major flood some time back. He also mentioned some other place but I don't recall it now.

He then asked the county's law department to draft a resolution that mirrors the mayor's request – right smack here for that bad boy – that he'd like the commission to address during next Monday's voting session.

Then, he yelled: “Shop South!”


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