Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Francis leaving election commission

Dennis Francis (photo by Metro Pulse)
Denis Francis is apparently stepping down from the Knox County Election Commission when his term ends in two months. As you might recall, Francis, a local attorney, was appointed to serve out the term for the seat held by Democrat Cameron Brooks, who left in April 2011 to take a new job (but is apparently back, so that didn't last long, but I digress.)

According to former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, who writes a column over at the Shopper, State Rep. Gloria Johnson will make a recommendation for his replacement to the state Election Commission.

Ashe also said that former Knox County Commissioner Mark Harmon and attorney Tammy Kaousias are possible replacements.

I talked to Dennis a little while ago and he said that he doesn't want to stay on board. He said representing the Sevier County Election Commission and dealing with that whole Pigeon Forge liquor mess is keeping him busy.

Plus, he said: “I'm not having that much fun. They horse- (insert bad word here) Mackay, so it's hard to get warm and fuzzy with them.”

Heh. Hahahaha. Nice!

Dennis was referring to commission's April 2011 meeting when, voting along party lines, the commission fired Greg Mackay, the longtime elections administrator, and one of Dennis' close friends.

I asked him: “It's cool, I use that quote, right?”

Dennis: “I've told them that so many times, one more would probably be redundant.”


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