Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'West' Mayor to help 'South' city

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett
Couple weeks back Knox County Mayor and West Knox County resident Tim Burchett sent a letter to members of the local Legislative delegation, asking that they take pity on some South Knoxville businesses because the Henley Street Bridge is about to fall over and needs fixin' and it's going to take a while to get it up to speed and all that. (Nice run on sentence there.)

Anyhoo, you can read the letter right smack here. In addition, the KNS editorial board today noted, right smack here, that a tax break “is fitting” for the businesses.

So, this question from a local business owner I ran into the other day: Why was it the county mayor who had to d this? (He did leave out the part that the city is in the county.)

How come the chamber of commerce, the city mayor (who lives in South Knoxville), the City Council, the County Commission, local state representatives and senators and business, etc, whatever, didn't do this?

Good question, I suppose. (Actually it was two questions.)

In the meantime, I smell another cash mob coming.


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