Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Education panel looks to set agenda?

OK, so remember that education committee? School Board, County Commission and all that? Yeah, well, the panel is expected to meet on Feb. 19, which not-coincidentally is the same day as the commission work session.

Yeah, it's a Tuesday. The county is closed on Monday, Presidents' Day.

Anyhoo, county commission Chairman Tony Norman said he thought the panel would initially talk about surplus land and who got the coin if it sold. But, in light of the recent mess – click right smack here if you've been under a rock – he expects folks to take up school security.

“We'll have to decide what's important right now, since we can't take up everything in one meeting,” he said. “This is hot and on the fire, so it might be the way the meeting goes.”

Norman added that he'd talk to school board Chairwoman Karen Carson, though, before setting an agenda.

Carson, however, isn't so sure. At this point, she said, she expects the panel to talk about procedural issues, like agendas, who it should proceed in the future and whether a facilitator should attend the meeting.

“I think anyone who wants to go into the first meeting and say: 'We're going to solve the problem,' well, don't expect that,” she said. "We only have one hour.”

The good news? The meeting is only one hour.


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