Monday, February 25, 2013

Public to pick next cash mob spot

The county is letting the public decide where it will hold the next cash mob, an innovative marketing plan that Emperor Dean Rice hates but has so far been successful.

Heh. (Little inside baseball there.)

Anyhoo, the county will accept nominations through noon Friday. Then it will hold an online voting thing-a-ma-jig for the top five nominees beginning at 5 p.m. Friday through 5 p.m. March 6. The winning business will be announced on March 8.

"We get a lot of feedback from people with suggestions for possible cash mob locations," said Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, the architect of the local events. "This is a good way to get the community and local businesses directly involved in deciding the location of the next Knox Cash Mob."

Send you nomination, right smack here.

Please note that nominated business should be locally owned, located in South Knoxville, and cannot be previous cash mob locations or restaurants. That's key.

The county reserves the right to withdraw certain business from consideration if, among other things, the business serves a very limited clientele, according to the spin release.

In other words, don't bother nominating the Asian massage parlor.

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