Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mayor wants security meeting open

So, the county big dogs, like the sheriff, mayor, school lord, Public Building Authority head honcho, etc., etc. are supposed to meet today to talk about school security. 

Last night officials said the media would be allowed to attend. I'm not sure if that means it's open to the public or not.

Regardless, county Mayor Tim Burchett sent out a showboat release, calling on the board of education and chairwoman Karen Carson to “sunshine the planned security meeting in order to allow all parties to be at the table.”

That would mean, the mayor says, more than just a single representative from the school board or county commission could attend. He suggested holding the meeting on Thursday or Friday, which would fall within the county's 48 hour policy or whatever.

This whole thing is giving me a headache. Most of the players were at the county commission meeting last night. This could have been done then.

If people are serious about fixing whatever security problems exist, then they should have stayed late.

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