Thursday, September 29, 2011

Padgett, Rogero on new administration

OK, so we know that the two Knoxville Mayoral candidates - Madeline “Mad Dog” Rogero and Mark “The Plan” Padgett – will keep police Chief David Rausch when one of them takes office.

But what about senior director of policy and communications Billy Lyons and Larry Martin, deputy to the mayor?

I'll start with Rogero, because that one's pretty quick. Because she didn't say much.

“I don't really want to talk about it at this point,” she said. “But I've worked with a lot of them (city employees) for years, and I know the people and I know their talents. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.”

No mention that, uh, a few of them over there are helping her out.

Now for Padgett.

He said he'd ask them “a lot of question.” He was referring more to how the city works and gauging their ideas. He said “I'm not sure who will stay.”

Then, he said this: “But to have someone who has been raising money against you everyday and talking negatively about you every day – well, it's hard to reconcile that.”

I then asked him if he meant Lyons and Martin. Cause, you know, I wanted to make sure he heard the question clearly. He said: “Well, I don't know, but there's people in the city who have been doing that.”

Uh, OK. But there's probably people in the city who “have been doing that” to Regero, too.

I specifically asked him about Lyons and Martin again and he said “there's a lot to learn from them”

He added: “There's definitely people there who would stay. There's definitely people I'll ask to stay. You won't see me come in and slash and burn. That's not something I want or plan to do.”

As he put it: “That's really an important thing (about electing a mayor) because when you think about me and Madeline, you have to think about what type of people will we'll surround ourselves with.”

Finally, he noted that – no matter whether it's him or Rogero in office – it might not even be up to them who stays.


Anonymous said...

"the kind of people we'll surround ourselves with..."
Donila, do a little research about Mose Lobetti and you'll know what kind of people Padgett surrounds himself with. Mose has already got his granddaughter on Padgett's payroll and is out offering people jobs in the Padgett administration.

Anonymous said...

And Madeline has Amy Broyles, India Kincannon, Rachael Craig that will be involved in her campaign and possibly working for her. Also Pam Strickland and other Progressive Liberals, now that is scary.

Anonymous said...

It has been heard that Padgett has guaranteed Diane "The Hat" Jordan and some of her friends jobs with the city if he is elected.

Anonymous said...

"And Madeline has Amy Broyles, India Kincannon, Rachael Craig" is somebody just throwing out the names of Knoxville's female leaders? None of these people work or have worked within the Rogero Campaign, unlike Padgett, Madeline is transparent about the people supporting her.

Anonymous said...

Amy Broyles has been vocal, she even wore Madelines shirt to a committee meeting on Tuesday, Rachael Craig has been very vocal in support for her and am sure she will be back on MPC if Madeline is Mayor ( which she want show up half the time for). Pam Strickland has been a big supporter so I am sure Betty Bean will be mad again for not getting another public information director position. And India well we know she needs help in re-election next year.

Mark has been open about his supporters, you see them with yard signs and his shirts and stickers.

Anonymous said...

ha, nothing you say is remotely true. All I see from Padgett's disclosures is someone raising a lot of money from outside of the city. And as someone interested in having a more efficient government, his new "plan" seems like more government bureaucracy. How many new councils and subcommittees do we need? I want this city run by the people of Knoxville, not outside developers and interests groups--look what we get when that happens--free TIFs for anybody from Atlanta and Nashville. Also, change your writing style #9, you sound the same on everything.

Anonymous said...

As he put it: “That's really an important thing (about electing a mayor) because when you think about me and Madeline, you have to think about what type of people will we'll surround ourselves with.”

He didn't do a lot of cogitating before bringing Brian Hornback on board to do ... well, whatever he does.

Anonymous said...

Rogero will most likely bring on Rikki Hall too. Has he ever had a job other than "activism" and grad school? Don't know about the other knoxblab types. Applegate has one foot out the door to another university or so he said on facebook. Very. Very. Very. Very leftist. Steve Dupree? What will he do? Mow grass? I don't trust padgett or rogero on who comes and goes. Harmon would've cleaned house.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Craig asked me to post this for her. For some reason not all the comments are being posted. If this happens just email me - Mike

Here's her response:

You have to think about what kind of people will we surround ourselves with.” Excellent advice, Mark, excellent advice.


First, for the record, my name is spelled Rachel, not Rachael. And it’s Indya, not India.

Second, for the record, I do support Madeline, but I am not actively working in her campaign. I’ve been too busy working almost full time (as a volunteer) on Marshall Stair’s campaign.

Also, for the record, Madeline and I have had absolutely no conversations about me working for her. Nor have we had any conversations about me being reappointed to MPC (which isn’t a job, BTW, since it comes with zero salary). And it might interest you to know that a few years ago I applied for a job in her department and she chose to hire someone else.

Finally, have you noticed that all the people you seem most afraid of – Madeline, Amy, Indya, me – are women? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Dude, did you actually just insult Steve Dupree?

Cause I don't know you, but I can pretty much say with certainty that Steve could kick your a** from here to Memphis.

Anonymous said...

And I'll gladly hold his beer for him if he thinks it would be more fun to use both hands for the job.

Anonymous said...

Haven't donated a cent to any campaign, nor any time. I am way too busy finishing my dissertation to do anything but smile about the fact that a great woman is going to be the next mayor of Knoxville. I agree with rachel that the core of the objections (such as mindless drooling is really objecting) has to do with her gender.

As for Dupree, he can fight his own battles and I know for a fact that he isn't supporting Madeline on the hope that he can get a job. He's way too smart for that simplistic crap. He knows what is at stake.

Get used to it, kiddos. You are going to get the right person at the right time. Mark my words.

And, whoever decides to repost my thoughts from Facebook. You are making things up. I have no plans to leave Knoxville and UT unless it is for further field work for my research. Keep trying.

--toby applegate

Anonymous said...

You might as well add Rikki Hall to that list of women because he's as big a sissy as there is. He actually endorsed Victoria DeFreese in the Republican primary because he needs a woman to "put a boot in a lobbyist's gut" for him. Madeline will probably hire him to put flowers in the starling cannons and to warn mosquitoes when the county is going to spray.

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering if Padgett were elected, would he hire Daddy Padgett to be on his team?

Anonymous said...

Rikki is not a sissy. He’s just a guy with a girls name.

Anonymous said...


Toby is the sissy.

Anonymous said...

Rikki was MIT's backyard wrestling champion. Toby is a big ole feller. Dupree is even bigger. All love cold beer. And I love them all.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Craig, Rikki Hall, and Tamara Shepherd all working for the City, it will be a progressive fantasy. Just apply tax dollars and watch the fun. Non-profits will be back right in business fully funded. TYP kick started, first new building out West where the haters live. And it will be illegal to cut down a tree. And Madeline will have $55 million dollars to squander on her green plans to run business out of Knoxville. Four years of high living followed by joblessness and depression. Kind of like Obama land. When the party is over they will blame Haslam. Perfect.