Thursday, August 28, 2014

DA Nichols retiring after 22 years

It's a courtroom career that rivals the movies: a serial killer, assassination attempts, and more convictions than you can count.

After 22 years as the county's top prosecutor, District Attorney General Randy Nichols is retiring. In his time in office, he's locked up the most criminals of any DA in the history of Knox County.

But as he prepares for his last day at the end of this week, he's looking back on what he calls his "war stories."

"Its just been some things that you wouldn't believe. I've always been amazed at what people will do to each other," Nichols said in an interview with 10News, "I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I can remember these cases like it was yesterday."

If you haven't checked out Mary Scott's story on Nichols, well, you really should. And, if you have seen, then you should watch it again!

Click RIGHT SMACK HERE for it.

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