Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More County teachers leaving in past three years than previous three

The latest numbers from Knox County Schools draw a more complete picture of exactly how many educators plan to leave the district this year.

In the 2013-2014 schools year, the relationship between teachers and school administrators was, at times, tense. Rumors circulated about of a mass exodus of teachers planning to leave the school system.

Here's a look at them below:

Here's what Knox County teacher Lauren Hopson had to say: "I definitely see an upward trend in the number of resignations. There are more resignations this year than there have been in recent history, and I think that's very telling about the climate in our school system."

Here's what Knox County Superintendent Jim McIntyre had to say: "It has been a very routine year for teacher retirements and resignations. In fact, the overall number of teachers leaving has actually decreased from last year. I have heard a lot of appreciation from our teachers for the actions we have taken to better support them, and a lot of enthusiasm and excitement about the upcoming school year."

Here's what the ol' Porch had to say: "Nice spin, folks! Look at the past three years and look at the three before that. All changes, disagreements, consternation, whatever started awhile back, but only became public last year.  There has been a major exodus."

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Unknown said...

The numbers shown are only up to April of this year. This does not show the true picture. When teachers reported back last week, how many did not return due to retirement or resignation?

Jeanne Clinton

Jennifer Owen said...

Here we are, almost to September, and nobody can get numbers beyond April? There is no way the resignations ended in April - I know of three who left in July. It is long past time for KCS to cough up the real numbers.