Friday, August 29, 2014

School secretary on 2-year paid vacay could have returned to work 18 months ago; now offered $30K to resign

So, the Knox County Schools administrative secretary who has been on paid leave for two years was cleared to return to work - like 18 months ago!

Instead school officials said her fellow co-workers were scared of her, so they decdied to pay her to stay at home!

What????? Are you kidding me?

But, wait? I thought the school couldn't comment because of HIPPA rules???

Yeah. Heh.

And in the meantime, the school system is offering her $30,000 to go away.

I'm not so sure I'd take the money if I was her. I, mean, if the school system is determined to keep paying her a salary, then why bother?

I wonder if school officials should really be telling the public that they've cut spending "to the bone."

Here's the story RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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