Thursday, August 14, 2014

School employee place on leave after 'disturbance,' but no deal reached

Despite what some other media reports have suggested, NO agreement/settlement has been struck between the county and a school system employee who has been on paid administrative leave for two years (at least as of this writing).

There was an attempt last November, but the employee, Tina Needham, declined.

If officials do work out a deal, it will be made public and not kept secret (despite what the others have suggested). I mean, seriously, how is a government going to keep secret a monetary payment using public dollars?

Anyhoo, we've learned that there are four other employees who have been placed on administrative leave. We initially asked the school system about these on July 24 and was told that Needham was the only one. That's since changed. These employees - unlike Needham - are under investigation.

Now, it's not common to put someone who is under investigation on paid administrative leave. It is uncommon to place someone who is not under investigation on paid administrative leave.


Here's today's story with all the details, RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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