Saturday, August 16, 2014

Details to teacher advisory group released; McIntyre to make picks

So, yesterday, Knox County Superintendent Jim McIntyre, between getting into a slap fight with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, sent out the memo, detailing the teacher advisory committee.

In short, it will be comprised of 20 members – 18 teachers and 2 principals. Oh, and he gets to pick them, although he'll get some recommendations. They’ll meet once a month, blah, blah, and you can’t record the meetings.

Now that last part is interesting.

You see, this  group is the continuation of the “teacher working group” that was hastily formed last December in response to the November board meeting (i.e. teacher revolt or something).

It’s essentially a way for McIntyre to say he listens to teachers. During one of the meetings last year (in which the ruling class was trying to put together the group), local teacher Lauren Hopson recorded it (so she could accurately relay the discussion to staff members.)

The superintendent apparently wasn’t happy about this.

Also of note, the local SPEAK organization said they wanted only teachers o the group (although they did suggest that a county Board of Education member should be present).

You can find the memo RIGHT SMACK HERE.

In addition, I’ve got a copy of the speech that teacher Karen Latus delivered to the BOE during the July forum. It includes SPEAK’s recommendations for the group.

You can find the speech RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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