Friday, August 15, 2014

Duncan putting ordeal behind him

Former Trustee John Duncan III, who officially completed the terms of his judicial diversion yesterday, sent over the following comments:
I'm thankful for all of the kind words of support and encouragement I've received today. I'm also thankful that the case has been dismissed and I can finally put this whole ordeal behind me.

The decision to plead a year ago was extremely difficult for me. My dad and my attorney, Jeff Hagood, both strongly recommended that I go to trial and fight the charges. They both believe we would have won. However, I just couldn't put my family or myself through the emotional roller coaster of a trial when I knew the entire case would eventually be dismissed, as it was today.
His father, U.S. House Rep. Jimmy Duncan, also weighed in:
I'm glad the case was dismissed and I am proud of John. For many years before coming to Congress, I was a lawyer and a Judge. After studying the facts of this case, I don't believe he ever should have been charged in the first place. At worst, he made an honest mistake. I will always believe that this case was motivated by some personal and political vendettas against me and our family. Like Jeff Hagood, I encouraged John to go to trial, where I believe his name would have been cleared entirely.

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