Friday, August 8, 2014

Looking at the election predictions

Friday morning quarterbacking the elections. So, how did the ol’ Porch do? I got 14 out of 18, or almost 80 percent. I think I need to get a better crystal ball.

So, what did I miss?

Well, Clarence Pridemore, an attorney who has been practicing law for three years defeated long-time chancellor, Daryl Fansler, only because Republicans voted for one of their own based on party choice rather than experience and qualifications. I’m not even sure Pridemore knows where the City County Building is.

Dude isn’t just over his head. He’s at the bottom of the ocean. Expect the other two chancellors to take up the workload. Also, expect a drop in cases filed in chancery court. No one wants to take a chance. Lawyers – good ones and bad ones – are lamenting this elections. Ask them if you don’t believe me.

Anyhoo . . . whatever.

Attorney Bill Ailor also a Republican, defeated Harold Wimberly for the circuit court judge division 2 seat. At least Ailor, who doesn’t appear to age, has some clue of what’s going on, and actually campaigned.

I thought Jason Emert would edge out Eddie Smith for the state House (13th District seat), but really it could have went either way. I figured all the bad publicity would have helped Emert. Common sense prevailed in this race.

Additionally, I thought there was a chance that Steve Hall – despite his support of Sen. Stacey Campfield – had a shot of narrowly defeating Martin Daniel. I think deep down I felt Daniel would win, but second guessing is for suckers.

In the meantime, I called it for:
  • Clerk Foster Arnett
  • Trustee Ed Shouse
  • Register of Deeds Sherry Witt
  • BOE (1st District) Gloria Deathridge
  • BOE (6th District) Terry Hill
  • Circuit Court Judge (4th Division) Greg McMillan
  • Criminal Court Judge Scott Green
  • General Sessions Judge Patricia Long
  • Governor Big Bill
  • U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander
  • U.S. Senate Gordon Ball
  • Congressman John Duncan Jr.
  • State Senate (7th District) Richard Briggs
  • Supreme Court judges get retained
Again, congratulations to all the winners. We’ll see some of you in the November races.

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