Thursday, August 28, 2014

More on the BOE 'side agreement'

Here's a little more about the "Who's the Man! agreement" between the school board and superintendent.

I was initially told that it had to be signed, but later today as I was scooping the competition on THIS STORY I talked to some board members and realized that they actually approve it. Which is worse.

I also got this statement from Melissa Ogden:
Individual Board members rarely sign any document as the Board officially acts as a body.  I think it is important to note that the Superintendent does not vote upon or sign the agreement.

The document was developed by the School Board in 2008 in order to help define and guide how School Board members wanted to work collaboratively with each other and with the Superintendent.

The agreement was voted upon and adopted by the Board of Education in 2008 and was revised, voted upon and re-adopted in 2010.  Both of these actions were on publicly noticed Board of Education meeting agendas. 
I'm told that in 2012 (I think October) the board was going to talk about it at a retreat but ran out of time or something. 

If it goes back to a vote this year, it's not expected to get approved.

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