Monday, October 31, 2016

Eddie Smith, Gloria Johnson state House campaign turns 'clownish'

The contest for the 13th District state House seat has gotten nasty.

Late last week, the state GOP (or whoever – they’re the ones who called me anyway) put out a new mailer that appears to depict Democrat challenger Gloria Johnson as a clown and says her “liberal agenda” is “just as scary as creepy clowns.”


Anyhoo, Johnson, issued a statement this morning denouncing the “false attacks being made by special interest groups” and called on incumbent Eddie Smith, a Republican, “to condemn the smears.”

“Tennesseans for Student Success claims to be an education focused non-profit but they have spent tremendous resources launching negative attacks that have nothing to do with education, against life-long teacher and candidate for state representative, Gloria Johnson, the statement said.  Also this week, the Tennessee Republican House Caucus began a negative attack ad against Johnson making absolutely untrue claims.”

Added Johnson: “These special interest smears against our campaign are sign of desperation because they know our message of investing in schools, making health care more affordable and strengthening the middle class is winning. Eddie Smith should tell his big money friends to pack up their dirty tricks and get out of Knoxville. Volunteer families don’t want elections bought by special interests, they want fair elections and clean campaigning.”

Johnson has scheduled a press conference at 2 p.m. today at 311 Morgan St.

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