Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Knoxville College board discusses fire, continues to gather info

Knoxville College Board of Trustees met Monday to discuss last week's fire at the Robert H. Harvey College Center.

The Board continues to gather information on the cause and awaits the final report from the Knoxville Fire Department and Knoxville Police Department.
“We are working with the Fire and Police Departments to determine additional steps in reference to vandalism and fires of buildings on campus," said James Reese, chairman of the Board of Trustees. "These incidents have continued to impede our efforts to resume offering classes at our institution. We will not let this most recent incident prevent us from taking steps to ensure a future for our beloved institution. Knoxville College has had a rich history since 1875 and its Board and alumni are working together to secure its future.”
He added: "We encourage anyone who has observed suspicious behavior on or around the campus to contact Knoxville Police Department. We appreciate efforts of the members of the Knoxville community and thank them for their continued support as we re-build. It is our sincere intent to once again become a thriving partner of the Knoxville Community."

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