Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Commission approves River Sports lease renewal for the Cove

River Sports Outfitters will  keep its location at the Cove in Concord Park.

Knox County leaders approved a 10-year lease renewal for the business during Monday evening's commission meeting.

Some community members spoke against the renewal because of trash and building conditions. They also claimed taxpayer money is being used to pay for repairs to the facility.

River Sports Outfitters owner Ed McCalister told the commission that's not the case and that he's followed the rules.

The commission signed off on the proposal in a 10-1 vote with only Commissioner John Schoonmaker dissenting.

"The Cove at Concord Park is our premiere park in Knox County. We want everybody to come there and use it,"  Schoonmaker said. "But if there's questions regarding the…a vendor that's providing services to our citizens, I think that's important."

The park will post a sign at the Cove to let people know how they can share feedback on the lease and the location.

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