Friday, April 8, 2011

And the cheapest one got the boot

When the local Legislative delegation booted their one-time pal, Paul “I ain't voting for the Republican” Crilly, off the Knox County Election Commission, they got rid of the member that cost taxpayers the least amount of money.

You see, the job doesn't pay the folks who serve on the panel (and meet only a few times a year) all that much in the grand scheme.

(The chairman – in this case, Chris Heagerty – makes $5,000 per year. The other four get $3,900.)

But, it's the benefits that cost money.

And they get some of those gooooood county benefits.

Except for Crilly. He didn't take 'em.

Here's the easy breakdown (or click right here for the detailed version courtesy of the county's human resources department) for yearly benefits costs:

  • Chris Heagerty: $11,685.96
  • Bob Bowman: $11,617.32
  • Cassandra Stuart: $10,187.32
  • Cameron Brooks: $5,637.32
  • Paul Crilly: $242.32

New guy, Rob McNutt, who had some voting issues – seven times – hasn't completed the paperwork as of yet.

But, I'm betting he's going to get some of that good insurance, too.

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