Friday, April 15, 2011

Well, at least she didn't kill anyone

Cynthia Finch was sentenced just now.

If you can actually call it that.

I'm starting to realize you can pretty much do whatever you want around here, so long as you work in county government and don't kill someone.

Finch, genius that she is, gets probation for defrauding and ripping off taxpayers.

We had some other folks who somehow managed to charge major coin to purchasing cards and no one bothered to punish them. Oh yeah, they didn't have the receipts to cross reference. And that whole statute of limitations thing.

Good work.

And what's up with the two-year-old TBI probe into the Trustee's Office?


Might as well just let these clowns go, too.

So much for tough on crime.

They might as well give up on this effort, too.

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Anonymous said...

You are making assumptions here.

Do you have proof that she didn't kill anyone?