Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elected folks and their workers' coin

For absolutely no reason, other than people always like to know what county folks make, I asked the Human Resources Department to send me a list of the top five money-makers employed under our local elected officials. (The county people, that is. I don't care about the city.)

Additionally, I asked for Howard Hogan's people, too. Hogan, clerk and master of the chancery courts, isn't elected, but rather appointed by the judges every six years. I included him because his department is one of six county fee offices. The other five are elected. But, I figured that was fair.

In addition to Hogan, I've got County Clerk Foster Arnett, Attorney General Randy Nichols, Trustee John Duncan III, Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey, Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist, Law Director Joe Jarret, Register of Deeds Sherry Witt, Property Assessor Phil Ballard, Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones, Public Defender Mark Stephens and Mayor Tim Burchett.

I didn't ask for the commissioners because they have three underpaid (if only because they have to deal with commissioners) folks in their office. And I forgot about the judges.

Also note: Under Burchett, the folks are actually employees under his overall purview - not necessarily in the "Mayor's Office."

On just a quick glance, it appears that Hogan's workers make the least out of the officials. Not surprising since he's not elected. Go figure.


Burchett's workers came in at the most. But, most of them are department directors, not deputies (with the exception of his chief of staff.)

Next up was Jarret. But, attorneys make a lot of money. Unless of course, you work in the public defender's office.

Anyhoo, the document is right here.


Brian Paone said...

I don't know how the HR department down there manages to do such a good job with the garbage they're handed, but they deserve a random shout-out. It's a very professional, no-nonsense department - head on down, ask questions, get answers (and REAL answers too, not that spun garbage that can be had from some other departments), done.

So I guess the EC's gonna try and mess with that next?

Nice use of Google Docs. Very clean interface, and fast-loading on older computers. JJJJJJJJJJ sure seems to pay his top bunch quite a bit, though.

Any idea how this compares to the pay of their city counterparts (if available)? Say, what KCSO's top brass makes in comparison to KPD's?

I ask because I think it would be interesting to compare what gets doled out by an appointed police chief to what's shelled out by an elected official when it's payday for the top dawgs. Just curious, personally.

Anonymous said...

Remember, a lot of these folks get "supplements" from either the general county budget, federal grants, because they are "certified" by the State. Most of Witt's top employees get a pretty good supplement over and above their listed salary.

Mike Donila said...

Brian, you make a good point. I'll see if I can get that.

Anon, you're right. I just pulled the numbers for the county coin. If you notice that for Nichols and Stephens, they're each getting around $5K, which obviously isn't their salary. But, for some reason the county pays that. The rest comes from the state. The question is: Why is the county paying even that?

Anonymous said...

This could very well be what the county money for AG is all about (note the word "contract"):

TCA 8-7-112 says, "District attorneys general with responsibility for prosecuting offenses in counties with populations of less than five hundred thousand (500,000) according to the 1990 federal census or any subsequent federal census and with a charter form of government pursuant to title 5, chapter 1, part 2, also are authorized to contract or enter into an agreement with such counties for the prosecution of violations of the ordinances of such counties."

Brian Paone said...

@Anonymous (and God bless you tons for being one of the ones that provides direct citations from ACTUAL sources - well done and bravo!) RE: TCA

Thanks! Now I can go hunting around related TCA entries to see if there's any codified guidance concerning what these contracts must contain (if they "must" contain anything, that is) and all that good stuff.

I'd love to say "Wish more could be like you", but... well, you know. Can't even tell who you are! So I'll settle for the facts you brought and be grateful for that much.

So. Mike. Am I going to get to take any shots at Doug Bataille around here today?

Mike Donila said...

What did Doug do?

Brian Paone said...

Not so much Doug specifically, but his department (though Dougie's response when asked about it was sorely lacking, I thought):


...but I was only being facetious. Let's face it - this isn't an area noted for its love of animals unless it's on a plate. (Damn shame, too, since there's so many people that claim to be religious. I mean, really, did they think being granted dominion over the earth and its inhabitants didn't come without RESPONSIBILITY? Anyway.)

Besides, I hear "Morality" Marilyn Roddy's thinkin' about movin' on up? Or do you ever wade into the city side of things?

Anonymous said...

@mike th DAG is charged with prosecuting criminal violations of state laws (state v. John smith). It appears this money would serve as compensation for any work in dispensing with violations of county ordinances. That's what I assume, anyway.

@paone I post anonymously b/c it' my preference. I do, however try to keep my input civil and useful. Mean spirited posts from "anonymous" do not come from me. I understand the frustration about anonymous postings, though.