Friday, April 15, 2011

Election Commission meets today

The Knox County Election Commission meets at 4 p.m. today.

I hope it doesn't cut into happy hour.

Here's the sun shined agenda:

At the call of the Chair, the Knox County Election Commission will meet on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 4 p.m.. The meeting will be held in the Small Assembly Room of the City/County Building, 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN.

Among the agenda items are reorganization and certification of the Town of Farragut election.

I expect elections administrator Greg Mackay will talk briefly, then turn it over to his five bosses. At that point, I figure - if they attend - the League of Women Voters of Knoxville-Knox County are going to want to speak about the newest commissioner, Rob McNutt.

Because, you know, there's some issues about where he voted and when.

The commission will reorganize. I figure they'll keep Chris Heagerty as chairman. (That spot automatically goes to a Republican since they have the majority in the local Legislative delegation.)

The secretary spot might go to Cameron Brooks. Cassandra McGee Stuart has it now, and since they're the only two Democrats (the party that gets the seat automatically), she might let him have a shot.

Or not.

I'm not sure if we'll get much action on Mackay's job at this point.

I don't think he's getting fired today.

At the most, I think they may briefly discuss whether to take applications for the job.

Then they'll agree to meet soon to discuss it further.

Kind of like the county commission.

Why do something today, when you can put it off for later?

I figure Mackay is safe for another few weeks


Brian Paone said...

Greg Mackay has the job as long as he wants it. I just can't imagine why the hell he would want it as long as he's had it.

His job sucks. I wouldn't take it for $1 mil/year.

Anonymous said...

McNutt should step down. The idea that we have an election commissioner who violated election law on numerous occasions is shameful and embarrassing.

But he probably won't. IOKIYAR, especially in Knox County.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! They canned Mackay!

Brian Paone said...

Wow. Just when you think politics in this county couldn't get any worse.

Anonymous said...

Hey look, you were wrong again...surprise, surprise.

Brian Paone said...

You're absolutely right, Mr./Ms. Anonymous. I was wrong. I clearly and sorely underestimated the sheer stupidity of the three individuals who chose politics over the consistently good performance Mackay turned in during his years of service.

He won't have a problem finding work if that's what he wants. But we're going to have one HELL of a problem finding someone to replace him.

Anyone remember that episode of the Simpsons that had Steve Martin playing the role of Springfield's sanitation commissioner? 16 year public servant, kept the trash trucks rolling, then lost to Homer's blatantly pandering political campaign?

I hate it when life imitates art sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I was actually talking about Donilla. I like you Paone, we agree on a lot.

Mike Donila said...

"I was actually talking about Donilla. I like you Paone, we agree on a lot."

Naw, I didn't say for sure they weren't going to oust him; I just figured they wouldn't do it today. But if you go into the archives, you'll see that I've written exstensively about how this commish was going to get rid of him.

Absolan said...

Pay no attention to the idiots. Your observations here are way more accurate than the propaganda in the Focus and the agenda driven crap in the Shopper News.

Brian Paone said...


Shame on you, holding infotainment rags like Clark's and Hunley's to the same standard as a news agency. You know they're not capable of doing that, and God forbid they actually try, so let's let 'em have... well, whatever the hell it is they call what they're printing these days. (At least the movie reviews in the F$%^Us aren't bad.)

Anonymous said...

Their movie reviews are plagiarized from the New York Times

Brian Paone said...

@Anonymous RE: movie reviews -

Huh. Did they dump the guy who was writing 'em not too long ago? Can't remember offhand what his name was, but never saw HIM plagiarize. For whatever that's worth.