Monday, April 18, 2011

A few notes before the meeting

A couple things before I head out to today's County Commission work session. Click here for the agenda.)

Over the weekend, Georgiana Vines wrote about a number of folks interested in taking (soon-to-be-former) state Sen. Jamie Woodson's seat. You can read about it here. Also, local blogger Dan Andrews makes a case why he should get the temporary gig here.

And this morning, I had a note forwarded to me from Jim Boyer, who left the House seat in 2002 after serving as Republican caucus chairman, saying that he, too, also is contemplating the seat.

And of course, county Commissioner R. Larry Smith says he might look into it, as well as commission Chairman Mike Hammond.

Note, however, that there's a difference between taking the seat early or waiting until the election. While there's an obvious advantage to getting your name on there now and running later, if you're a county commissioner – and you really like your job – you might be taking a chance to jump in now.

Since you'd have to resign and all. And you're not guaranteed a win.

The other thing. The commission work session starts at 2 p.m. today in the big room just past the metal detectors as you make your way through the Deathstar. So, unless you're a cop, deputy or Lumpy Lambert, don't bring a gun. (OK, bad joke.)

The first big items is a proposal to give control of the budgets for three of the non-judiciary fee offices – that means the register of deeds, the trustee and the county clerk offices – to the mayor and the commission. It looks like officials might drop the judiciary ones – clerk and masters, circuit court clerk and criminal court clerk.

This will be moved to the top of the agenda because Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey needs to head to Nashville to meet with state Rep. Ryan Haynes. They're supposed to find a way to get her office under a state statute that will allow her to collect assessment fines that will go toward the helping the Knoxville Family Justice Center. (I wrote a story about that mess right smack here.)

Also, the Hillside Ridgetop Protection Plan item is on the agenda, although it's under the Planning and Zoning section. Presumably, officials won't talk about it.

But, you know how that went the last time chairman Hammond said no one was going to speak.


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Brian Paone said...

Dan's an all-right guy, even if I completely disagree with him on a number of subjects. But this is a really important position, even if it is temporary. It's also a LOT of stress on the ol' health. (He's tough enough to take it, likely, but why have a guy suffer through that unless absolutely necessary?)

What's he do besides write? (I understand Mr. Andrews frequents this blog, so if he'd like to answer that's fine too - not trying to cut you out of THIS conversation, Dan!)