Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Final election chief candidates here

I just got off the phone with Election Commission Chairman Chris Heagerty. He said the top three candidates for the open administrator of elections spot are: attorney Clifford Rodgers, interim administrator Scott Frith and middle school teacher and former county commissioner Victoria DeFreese.

Seven folks applied for the job. The five-member election commission was tasked with picking the top three. The panel will interview the folks tomorrow at 9 a.m. in the Main Assembly Room of the Deathstar.

Here are the election commissioners picks (in no particular order):

Chris Heagerty: Clifford Rodgers, Scott Frith, Victoria DeFreese
Rob McNutt: Clifford Rodgers, Scott Frith, Victoria DeFreese
Bob Bowman: Clifford Rodgers, Scott Frith, Victoria DeFreese
Cameron Brooks: Greg Mackay, Scott Frith, Clifford Rodgers
Cassandra Stuart: Greg Mackay, Steve Hill, Scott Frith


Anonymous said...

Because DeFreese is EXACTLY the kind of qualified professional who should follow Greg Mackay.


P.S. Rodgers is in.

Mike Donila said...

Yeah, Rodgers is definitely in.