Thursday, April 21, 2011

Election chief resumes right here

OK, i finally got the applications/resumes/letters of interest that folks interested in the administrator of elections post submitted to the county's human resources department. (Just click on the names for them.)

We've got the former guy, Greg Mackay, the interim guy, Scott Frith, and then the usual suspects – Victoria Defreese and Steve Hill.

In addition, we've got Clifford Rodgers, a local attorney. I didn't have him in today's story.

Also, I talked to Mark Hancock again this morning and he sent me his resume (click here) and a statement about it (click here). He has not yet formally applied but he is interested.

Note, that for a job that will pay anywhere between $96,000 and $110,000, some folks didn't really take their time applying themselves.

Some of these cover letters are really half-ass.

But, you can decide.

Actually, the three Republicans on the five-member Knox County Election Commission can decide next Wednesday.

Update: Mackay submitted a formal resume right here.


Brian Paone said...

Some random notes while looking over these:

* Anyone who writes "Mission Accomplished" as the reason for them leaving a job is opening themselves to a near-endless barrage of Bush Jr. comparisons and jokes. Which might not be so bad, in certain cases.

* Vicki? Just FYI - calling your house "DeFreese Academy" and naming yourself Headmaster (really? We can't even do "headmaster" and "headmistress" now? I guess we're evolving toward "headperson"? Or is this the lead-in for a bad MagAve joke?) probably wasn't a good idea. You might as well have called yourself "blatant resume padder". No offense.

* I didn't know Hill was a lobbyist. Sorry, buddy, but that's an automatic DQ in my book. That's just asking for trouble around here, appointing a lobbyist as the head of elections. No offense, and this time I actually mean it, because you're not a bad guy. Your cover letter, on the other hand, sucks out loud. C'mon. You're better than that.

* Frith, take a hint. You're not getting the job unless you make some kind of a deal with one of the more powerful GOP devils. (Yes, there are DemoDevils too. No whining allowed.) That, and NO ONE trusts you. I keep getting the feeling that someone's setting you up for a sizable fall, but can't put my finger on how. Be careful out there in the political arena, Spartacus.

* If I'm not mistaken, this Rodgers guy lives just down the street from me. Not a bad resume, but where in the HELL have I heard this guy's name before...?

* And who the hell is this Mackay person? Never heard of him.

Mike Donila said...

Brian, you just wrote my next blog post. LOL. I was actually going to say some of the same things. The Defreese Academy killed me. Also, note that she has a keen "gift" of being able to "disarm" folks.

I also found it interesting that Rodgers used his company letter head to apply for the job. I suppose if he was listed on it, it would be OK, but it would be like me using Sentinel letter head to apply to another paper.

Oh, well, I'll find some other stuff to post today I suppose.

Brian Paone said...

You can do better than I did, I'm sure. It ran outta steam after Frith, and I COMPLETELY missed the "disarm" bit. So much to work with there, wasting away because I missed it.

So - let's see ya do it up proper-like. Or, barring that, applying for a F*&^Us job on Big Metal Shed's letterhead. They need a decent writer.