Monday, April 25, 2011

Seven apply for election chief job

Only seven people applied for the open administrator of elections position – a stark contrast to the more than 40 applications submitted two years ago.

As it stands former administrator Greg Mackay, who was recently fired from the job, interim administrator Scott Frith, former county commissioner Victoria DeFreese, former Knox County school board Chairman Steve Hill, consultant Mark Hancock, attorney Clifford Rodgers and Leslie Petta, who owns a cleaning business, applied for the job, which will pay at least $95,000 a year.

The five-member Knox County Election Commission on Wednesday will interview three of the applicants and more than likely make a decision then on who will get the job.

The other day I posted about the early interest and put up the resumes.

Since then, Mark Hancock made it official and submitted his information. Click here for it.

So, too, did Leslie Petta. Click here for her application.

On a side note, Commissioner Cameron Brooks sent me his top three selections. He chose: (1) Greg Mackey, (2) Clifford Rodgers, and (3) Scott Frith.

Update: Apparently Commissioner Bob Bowman has selected Clifford Rodgers, Scott Frith and Victoria DeFreese.


Anonymous said...

So Bob Bowmen thinks DeFrees is more qualified than Mackay?

Anonymous said...

Hey, cut Bowman some slack. DeFreese has about six months of school teaching under her belt. Plus a Mary Kay franchise. That's better than 8 years as the best election coordinator we ever had.
Just kidding. Bowman's a party line hoor.

Brian Paone said...

Y'know, Donila, it's just not very much fun watching anonymous folks squawk. I mean, there's no edge of cleverness, no witty turns of phrase, no intelligent snarkiness... just poor typing and even poorer attempts at sarcasm.

And the comments suck, too. (See what I mean? Nothing like that out of your peanut gallery. Boring.)

* You know what the scary part is? So far, Leslie Petta's at LEAST the second- or third-best pick available. That's as funny as it is horribly depressing.

* Mr. Hancock, putting Mensa on your resume is just BEGGING for trouble around here.

For starters, one could consider heavy involvement in politics to be an automatic disqualification from any intellicentric society. (I know; I fabricated that word. Take comfort in the fact that the previous sentence was grammatically correct.)

Seriously, though, that's one hell of a resume. If Greg wasn't a consideration, I'd pick this guy just to see what he'd do.

Individuals that join organizations like Mensa are just so fascinating...

Anonymous said...

if they even THINK about Hancock we are all doomed.

Anonymous said...

who has a 3 page cover letter?!? are you shittin me clark?