Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hold off on the Hillside statement

A couple days back R. Neal posted this on his blog (which kicks ass by the way) about the county commissioner’s workshop where members will discuss the Ridgetop Hillside Protection Plan. Click here.

Apparently, some folks from the Realtors world (I think the Knoxville Realtors and Builders) want to read a statement during Wednesday’s meeting, which starts at 8 a.m.

Now, I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I have to say this is the wrong time to read the statement. That’s not taking a shot at anyone, but it’s a meeting for the commissioners. Yes, it’s open to the public, but they’re not taking public comments.

They've taken public comment a number of times. They've received all the emails and phone calls from folks. They know how you feel.

My thoughts?


Sure, come to the meeting, but don’t try to speak on this one. It’s just going to upset the commissioners who want the chance to talk (publicly) amongst themselves and get the facts from the folks who put together the plan.

There will be a commissioner work session the following Monday. And then a regular meeting a week later. That’s the time to make a statement.

Plus, no one is going to go to the Wednesday workshop anyway. (or rather, there won't be a big crowd. Not like what you'll get at the work session and the regular meeting.)

Wait until you have a crowd to read the statement.

That’s just my advice. And, hey, I don’t always give out the best advice, so maybe you should ignore it.

Or maybe not.


Also, keep in mind that the issue is probably going to be tabled again.

Why vote now, when you can deliberate later.


OK, seriously, it’s probably getting tabled so the commission can hold another meeting to talk about the proposal, this time with the Knoxville City Council.

And, hey, maybe that’s a good time to read the statement, too. If they have a public comments section.

Either way, I'll be at the meeting. So if it's read, we'll cover it.

Just some thoughts.

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